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Great developers know how to work around the limitations of the systems they are working with. That’s why there is No Upper Bound when it comes to software development.

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WELCOME TO No Upper Bound


No Upper Bound is a software development studio that focuses on solutions for Microsoft Office based in Sydney, Australia.


We’ve been working in Microsoft Office since Clippy was around. He may have retired and become our logo, but we’re still here creating amazing solutions that are far more powerful and a lot less annoying.


We only develop for Microsoft Office – that’s all we do. We specialise in helping you maximise your productivity, efficiency and consistency when creating any type of content in Office.

Improve Your Office Productivity

Our Software



Create interactive document experiences that allow you to see how the choices you make affect your documents and emails – all without any coding.



Find out what’s really in your documents and take action. Automate restyles, rebrands, conversions.


Control Print

Printing draft or final copies can be confusing with the amount of options available. Get in control of your print jobs with Control Print.

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Experts in

Bespoke Developments

Whether you need a new solution or an existing one fixed or re-developed, we can help.

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